FNEX Ventures

FNEX makes shares in break-out, high-growth late stage private companies available for Wealth Managers, Investment Advisors, Family Offices and High Net Worth investors structured in customized individual investment vehicles. Additionally, FNEX Ventures offers unique Interval Mutual Fund structures for retail Investors to gain exposure to this class of venture stocks. These innovative structures provide our investors access to trending private companies. For access to our products contact us today.
FNEX Ventures (XFNEX)

Venture Series

FNEX Ventures has created a series of investment vehicles to allow high net-worth individuals and family offices to invest in venture-backed private companies. As companies have stayed private longer, much of the growth in value for tech companies takes place prior to an IPO. Traditionally investing in such companies has necessitated high minimum investments and an expensive, time-consuming closing process. FNEX Ventures allows investors to participate at a minimum of $50k. This enables investors to participate across many different private companies and allocate to an asset class previously unavailable.